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The Front Door

The name.....Spookum. Why? Because of Spookums! As you can guess, I like Shy Guys, Snifits, and all their variations. I'm good at finding minor errors and nitpicks to edit and solve. Feel free to explore my Spooky Spookum House. Oh, and don't mind my Chomp, he won't bite.

Ani smb3 chainchomp.gif

The Aquarium


Marine life is a beautiful thing to observe. Watch as my prized Bloober explores his aquarium, accompanied by a Cheep Cheep companion.

The Basement

Ameboid walking.gif
SMB3 Dry Bones Sprite.gif
Anuboo Idle.gif
Chuckolator Attack.gif

The only downside of having a house in the Mushroom Kingdom is that your basement gets infested with all forms of unsavory critters. Living amoeba, Koopas reduced to bone, and ghostly dogs are common fare in a Marioverse cellar. However, as I love all kinds of animals, I have no plans to call an exterminator (I do keep a Starman nearby in case I need it.) Of course, I keep my prized Chuckola Cola in the cellar as well. Help yourself to a glass.

The Arboretum

SMB2 Red Beezo Sprite.gif
SMB2 Green Beezo Sprite.gif
SMB2 Gray Beezo Sprite.gif
Beta Flower.gif

Keeping an indoor garden is a hard job, but the hard-working Beezos, plant-loving Shy Guys, help out a lot. With beanstalks grown from beans imported straight from the Beanbean Kingdom, and a blossoming patch of Power Flowers, my garden is quite a sight. You can even see it on the covers of both Bean Lover Monthly and Fawful Magazine, a fact I am very proud of.

The Living Room

Blazing Shroob.gif
Blargg Animation.gif

Kick back in my fancy king-sized couch and enjoy the crackling fireplace. As I do not believe in using Trunkle Wood, I instead use an energy efficient and somewhat malicious Blargg. So malicious, in fact, that it often sets my Shroob butlers on fire. Such is life, I suppose.