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Hiya'll! I'm ShadowLuigi64! I use the Following sites:

Site Name - Username Example: - myusername - ShadowLuigi64 - shadowmario111159 - shadowmario111159 - No Account

What I do

I use ROBLOX frequently and I use MFGG for games. You should see games by me on MFGG once I get GameMaker 7 to work. -.-

People I look up to

Toodles Team/toodles_team ( I wish to become as good a Game Maker as the Toodles Team. They/he/she (idk) are kinda the reason why I joined MarioWiki and MFGG.

UltraMario ( Same as Toodles Team. NEXT

JibJab ( Haha. JibJab. They got me hooked on their Animations, and inspired my signature phrase of 'DO IT. DO IT NAOUGHW!'

Fleskhjerta ( I wish to make bloopers as good as him, and play VGs as good.

Upcoming Stuff

Expect Games on MFGG from me, new Videos (mostly soundtracks) on youtube, and... stuff on Roblox.


MFGG - Mario Fan Games Galaxy

Youtube - Broadcast Yourself

ROBLOX: A free world-building game with 3d environments, and physics (Rofl super long)

MarioMonsters - The Mario Archives


All pictures used here are edited with Paint.NET. I did the 'Mario's House' thing just for fun. Note that due to some error, it shows as " 's House Drawing" instead of "Mario's House Drawing".

Mario's House Drawing
Mario's House Rainbow
Mario's House Emboss