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I'm sandwich golf express.

WarioWare: Twisted! Production music list


  • Jimmy's Night - The Opening; Light Jimmy and his parents; Plays throught the epilogue; The Ending
  • Ruined Night Club - Losing a Microgame
  • Stage Clearing - Stage cleared

Dr. Crygor

  • Gravitator - The Opening
  • Bright Idea Boogie - Crygor dances
  • Bubble Gravity - Crygor floats in one bubble
  • Rose Genius "I'm a Genius"
  • Gravitator Filling - Crygor throws everything in the gravitator
  • Gravitation - Microgame Won/Microgame Coming Up
  • Broken Gravitator - Losing a Microgame
  • Stage Clearing - Stage cleared
  • Gravitator Filling - The Gravitator turns into a robot
  • Sky Robot - Crygor flies his robot in the sky
  • Crygor's Bird Car - The Ending