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It's a me, Samueljoo.

Hellen Gravely

Hellen Gravely
LM3 Hellen Gravely artwork.png
Species Ghost
First Appearance PR Fatal Frame: The Hotel Tormented
Transformation from Samuel Nakaoka the Second

Hellen Gravely is the owner of The Resorted Hotel and Samuel Nakaoka's female ghostly state when his Spirit Core was pasted from the portrait of Hellen Gravely by Spongebob.


In Hellen Gravely form, she is a tall, slender woman with purple skin, blue hair in a beehive style, and yellow eyes. Being a ghost, she is transparent and glows. She has the face of a somewhat aging woman, with visible creases near her lips and thin, dark blue eyebrows, though she does wear makeup, notably red lipstick, purple eyeshadow, and black eyelashes, as well as a good deal of jewelry, namely her necklace with a silver, hexagonal charm, and a similarly shaped purple glowing jewel embedded in it. She also wears two circular earrings that are also silver with jewels in them, as well as a pearl bracelet on her left wrist. She has a sleeveless white dress with a long, blue fur boa and no upper back that tapers near the bottom, before flaying out into a circle shape as it rests on the ground. It has a window on the chest shaped like the jewel in King Boo's crown, as well as a diagonal dark blue stripe below the waist, beneath which the dress becomes a lighter blue.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese パウダネス・コナー
Paudanesu Konā
"Paudanesu" is derived from "powder", while "Konā" is derived from 「粉」 (kona) which means "powder".