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Hello beautiful People out their, welcome to my profile, my name is SagaMarioStar54, call me saga for short.

My Colors

Cap: red

Shirt: light blue

Overalls: black

Gloves: light blue

boots: white

About Me

Well i am a huge Mario fan, i owe a Wii a DSi and a Xbox 360, i also like Sonic. i can turn fire, ice, and so on. I also go on the internet..... nothing special. I also have a internet brother named Saga LuigiStar

My goals

  • To support the wiki community.
  • Make new friends everyday.
  • Have awesome sprite skills. :D

My color code for Sm64: 8107EC20 1919 8107EC22 1900 8107EC24 1919 8107EC26 1900 8107EC28 1919 8107EC2A 1900 8107EC2C 1919 8107EC2E 1900 8107EC38 D500 8107EC3A 0000 8107EC3C D500 8107EC3E 0000 8107EC40 D500 8107EC42 0000 8107EC44 D500 8107EC46 0000 8107EC50 00D9 8107EC52 D900 8107EC54 00D9 8107EC56 D900 8107EC58 00D9 8107EC5A D900 8107EC5C 00D9 8107EC5E D900 8107EC68 C0C0 8107EC6A C000 8107EC6C C0C0 8107EC6E C000 8107EC70 C0C0 8107EC72 C000 8107EC74 C0C0 8107EC76 C000 8107EC80 F2D5 8107EC82 7900 8107EC84 F2D5 8107EC86 7900 8107EC88 F2D5 8107EC8A 7900 8107EC8C F2D5 8107EC8E 7900 8107EC98 3903 8107EC9A 0000 8107EC9C 3903 8107EC9E 0000 8107ECA0 3903 8107ECA2 0000 8107ECA4 3903 8107ECA6 0000