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Hello. I'm a Super Smash Bros. Melee fan. Call me SSBM Fan. I don't wanna reveal my real name so yeah, just use my nickname if you wanna talk to me :) And yes, I do like the Mario series.

About Me

My most favorite game is Super Smash Bros. Melee. I'm female.

SSB Series stuff that's related to me

My main SSBM character is Young Link. I also use Pichu and Roy. Sadly the didn't make it into Super Smash Bros. Brawl!!! I've unlocked all characters and stages. My Cruel Melee KO record is 6 with Roy.

In SSBB, my new main character is Toon Link. I have the Japanese version of this game. And I know Koopa is supposed to be Bowser and Purin is supposed to be Jigglypuff. I also use Kirby, Lucario and Pikachu. Sometimes Ike. But barely. Well I have all the characters. But not all the stages.

In SSB, the original, my main character is Kirby. I also use Pikachu. I've unlocked all the characters and stages. I also sometimes use Ness.

Mario series stuff that's related to me

My favorite Mario game is Mario Party 3. Yes, 3 not 8. I don't have all of the Mario Parties but I have Mario Parties 3-8. I also like Super Paper Mario and Paper Mario:The Thousand-Year Door. I don't have the original Paper Mario. My favorite Mario character is Dimentio. And which my email has to do something with Dimentio. I can finish the whole game of Super Paper Mario in 4 days. But the ending is horrible. Because Dimentio dies. (NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!)

Other stuff

I also play the Kirby and Pokémon series.