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I'm Rusty595 and I make videogames for PC, mobile, and Switch in a tiny village in England.

At home I have a SNES with an SGB, a GBA SP, a 3DS, a Wii U, a Mega Drive Ⅱ, and an Xbox One. I'm currently playing through SM3DW for the first time (uni got in the way).

Super Mario Maker Bookmark page

Current Gripes

Super Mario Maker / 2

  • The centre part of a grinder should follow the direction of the track, rather than the whole sprite rotate (this especially irks me in the SMW theme)
  • In SMB3, most Thwomps were cyan, not grey
  • The NSMBU theme uses the Propeller Mushroom over the Super Acorn, as well as the loss of some U-specific level backgrounds, so it would make more sense to label it NSMBW or NSMBx to represent the whole era
  • ! Blocks should spawn Face blocks, which were introduced in NSMB (and share the same Japanese names as Stretch Blocks) and should therefore be available in the NSMBx theme (or even SMW onwards, since that game introduces Stretch Blocks)
  • The pulsing glow on POW Blocks and P Switches looks tacky
  • Where are Pokeys? How can we have a desert theme without Pokeys??


  • JoyCon are too small for my man-sized hands to use comfortably in extended play, although I enjoy the freedom of not having to keep my hands together