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Yo Wazzup Super Mario Wiki User I'm RussellsDad. Well Anyways Welcome To My Userpage. If You Have Any Questions Or Ya Wanna Chat How Bout Ya Head On Over To My Talk Page-35pxRussellsDad(talk)Mario leaning at Brick Block.png

My Quotes

“Oye, Somebody Gonna Get A Hurt Real Bad”
“If You're Not Going To Play The Game Proper..Then Go Play Something Else”

My Gallery Of Some Of My Favourite Mario Characters

5 Mario Games That I Own

1.New Super Mario Bros. Wii

2.Mario Kart Wii

3.Super Smash Bros. Brawl

4.Super Smash Bros.

5.And Finally...Super Mario Bros.


In This Section I Put Pictures Of Two Characters Weekly And You Guys Can Say Who You Think Will Win In A Fight On My Talk Page

Round #1

LuigiSMB2.jpg Luigi VS Mr. L Mr. L.jpg

Awesome Two Gif's

Singingm.gif Mario you phail.gif