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I have a question when is mario and luigi's birthday because i think luigi is the oldest and mario is the youngest so when ever is there birthday i wish a good exsiting birthday mario-brothers i have another question why dose mario always have a game but it always be him colleting stars to deafeat bowser and save peach and who ever made new-super-mario-brother they could had made luigi mario's partner on one player mode sence luigi was on the game case. and peach could be a final boss in a mario game but it should be mario and luigi it could be like mario and luigi got to bowser's castle while bowser was hipnetising peach to deafeat mario and luigi but then mario grabed bowser when he tried to escape the it was up to luigi to break the cerse on peach so what luigi did was is reminded peach that they both told her when bowser kidnape her that they will save her then peach remembered then the cerse broke later mario luigi peach lauched bowser into a canon to a island then mario luigi peach went back to mushroom kingdom