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Welcome to my profile! It's not much, but soon enough once I figure out the stuff it will be the best. I was thinking on making my own tower but that I can't really understand. Also, since I don't have an image, I'll just say that my image will be a Koopa Troopa. You know, the red shell kind. Just call me Robo. I like technology type things a lot and soon I will make games for Nintendo, starting with the Wii U. Then the 3DS. Then the classic DS. And so on. You might be wondering what games I'll make, well here's the list. Ianland Ultra is the first game I'll make. It will be for the Wii U and the 3DS. In this game you play as most known characters from the Nintendo franchise, such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Mario, and so on. However, there will be a new character (me duh) with a ton of abilitys. This is like the classic Mario platformers and classic Sonic speed runs, as well as a varerity of enemys and bosses. The Goomba will be here, as well as the Koopa, Shy guy, and many more enemys from Super Mario. There will also be sonic enemys such as the Motobug. Can't say much more about the game, it's giving me a headache. Ianland Ultra 2: the Zalgo invasion is the second game which is like the first, accept it has some creepypasta stuff in it. Nothing much to say here accept the consoles it will be released on. It will be on the Wii U again as well as the DS. Note that the game above does not have jumpscares, just boss changes, and newly themed worlds. Ianland Hyperslash is the third game I will be making. Instead of it being on Nintendo consoles, it will be released on mobile devices and computers. It's an RPG type game even though you don't have to run into enemys like super Mario RPG games. Not much to say at all. Super Mario 3D World 2 is the last game I have in mind. Bowser once again captures Peach, making Mario, Luigi, Blue toad and a fellow Goomba, which is friendly, save her from bowser. There are many more powerups then the last game in the powerup madness version, Super Mario 3D World 2 Powerup Madness Edition. The storyline for that game is the same. Anyways, this will be the first part of my profile and I hope you enjoy it. In real life my name is Ian Sorensen and I am 9 years old. It will change every year on my birthday, March 26. I'm a great Mario fan even though I don't play many Mario games. I have a 2DS and a Wii U to play some on.

Gameplay Worlds

Ianland Ultra

World 1

A grassy themed world with 8 levels.


Super Mario, Sonic, Ian


Bowser (Miniboss) Zomboss strong drone (World Boss) Mutant Mario (Replaces Zomboss Strong drone in mutant DLC) Evil minecraft wolf (Secret)

World 2

A underground themed world with 9 levels, 8 normal and 1 secret.


Mario, Sonic, Luigi, Tails, Ian

Secret Level Info

It is a above ground level with a boss at the end. It does not have a warp zone in the Mario section. Apon completing you unlock Secret World 1. It is unlocked by taking a secret exit in the Mario section of 2-Boo House. The boss is a purple rhino creature that is big and takes 4 hits to defeat.


Giant Motobug (Miniboss) Giant Motobug (Rematch battle in 2-Boo House) Possessed Mini Mario Swarm (In secret room of 2-Fortress) Giant Metal Mini Mario (World Boss) Mutant Sonic (Replaces Giant Metal Mini Mario in Mutant DLC) Giant Purple Rhino (Secret)

World 3

Some sort of candyland with 10 levels and 1 minigame. A wormhole to a secret level also exists. There is 8 normal levels, 1 minigame level, and 1 secret level.



Secret level info

A candy train Mario-Only level. There is no warp zone. Pom Pom appears as the trains Miniboss, then sent to another train. This trains boss is a blue airship auto piloted. It's small but powerful. It unlocks the minigame when completed. It is found by completing 3-Fortress and taking a clear pipe.

How to play: Pipe Plaza

The minigame unlocked once completeing 3-Secret train. In order to win, you need to get the good stuff out of the pipes. Bad stuff (Poison mushrooms, bowser cards, ect.) will damage your heart meter and when that empties, you lose the minigame. Good stuff (Toad cards, mushrooms, ect.) will heal that and eventually ovelflow it. Once it overflows, you win. After completeing the toad house (Only asseced by Mario), it will dissapear and come back when using a continue.

Power ups introduced

F.L.U.D.D makes his second appearance in this world. Double cherry also appears.


Candy Zomboss drone (Miniboss) Giant Motobug (Remade, rematch at 3-Boo house) Zomboss candy harvester drone (World boss) Pom Pom (Secret, Miniboss) Small blue airship (Secret)

World 4

A galaxy themed world representing Super Mario Galaxy. Each level is a different planet. There is 11 planets and a warp zone. 9 normal levels, 1 intense level, and 1 Mario-Only level.


All, Leafshot the peashooter (BETA and higher only).


Bowser (3D, Miniboss) Atasma (3DS exclusive secret) Giant Bowser (Wii U exclusive secret) Boohemoth (3DS exclusive intense boss) Space Zomboss drone (Wii U exclusive intense boss) Space Zomboss Robot (World Boss)