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Yes i love old video games (as well as new ones) even though most of them are rather difficult i still enjoy the old stuff!

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I also have a website (which URL is confidential) about cryptozoology i enjoy exploring the world of the unknown.


i'm a bookworm obsessed with all forms of literature especially mysteries.

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I LIKE CHEESE!!!!! 'nuf said.

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i enjoy reading the fake news even when i wasn't a member i'd always read it my favorite article was probably the obituaries.

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Host the Summer '09 mario kartolympics host SSBB-mania '09 Get E-mail fixed

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It's the biggest MKWII event yet! it's all for the gold! starting June 10th and ending June 18th it will be a race through every single course the kartolympics will span for eight days (not counting the opening and closing ceremonial races held at the mario circuit).There are two different event classes Race and battle (notice race and battle participants alike must attend the opening ceremonial race) battle has two subdivisons coin runners and balloon battle.sign up below any further questions should be sent to my talk page.

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Join me in the first SSBB Mania Grueling fights that rage from May 22nd to August 1st only one can be the champion! Sign up below and let the brawls begin!

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False Information Network

Welcome to the FIN were we make up 0% acuurate news from the Koopa Kingdom.Now for the news with Aaron Chor.


Today a yam salesman Mike Koopaowski was murdered by the infamous Italian Dish Mafiya (IDM) for not giving up 50% of the yams to Don Lasagna the mafiya boss so Lasagna sent Joey Rigatoni,Doni Spaghetii, and Eddie Ghoulash plus Clyde Tortelini his way were he was whacked and then fed to some nibbles. now for the weather with Sonny Daze!


our radar NEW CLEAR radar is predicting a 100% cloudy day here in the Koopa Kingdom with a 90% chance of nuclear obliteration later by Mario in the evening. now for business with Burt Oss!


Chor:so Burt how's the Economy? Oss:there isn't one Aaron because Bowser is so dang cheap! Chor:Oh that's nice Burt. and now for sports with Jaque Strap!


Chor:So Jaque who played tonight? Strap:screw you Aaron. Chor:what was that Jaque? Strap:nice tie Aaron. Chor:really? my wife bought it for me i thought it was gaudy and i was gonna throw it in the paper shredder! Strap:Thats what i'm gonna do to you Aaron. Chor:what was that? Strap:Bowser sold our baseball team. Chor:oh well that stinks. Strap:like you Aaron. Now for crime watch with our special guest Cheif of Police Barney Dougnut!

Crime Watch

Chor:So Cheif Doughnut who is the highlight of this months crime watch Doughnut:The IDM after they murdered Mr.Koopaowski we've got to crack down on IDM i mean look what they did in the Shellthuer county hostage crisis of '32. Chor:'32 Cheif Doughnut? Doughnut:1932 shortly after the IDM was founded in 1930. Chor:oh! Chor:Sooooo how do you feel about people discreminating against you because you are a sumo bro? Doughnut:What who's descriminating against me? Chor:Private Ralph Ookie. Doughnut:i'm gonna stomp that goomba! Chor:So what are you going to do about IDM? (Doughnut stomps out of building goes to squad car and speeds off to police station to 'stomp' Private Ookie), Now for health watch with Doctor Thidwick Mud!

Health Watch

Chor:so Dr.Mud what seems to be the health concern these days? Dr.Mud:Poverty Chor:you got your doctorate from where? Dr.Mud:St.Cerealbox's school for medicine. Chor:St.Cerealbox's? who was your instructor? Dr.Mud:Professor Shroom-o's. Chor:Professor Shroom-o's? Dr.Mud:listen buddy i don't doubt you profession! now for obituaries with Dean Edman


Chor:So Dean whou died today Edman:i'm too depressed read the paper. Mike Koopaowski (May,29,1960-March,25,2009) Koopaowskilived a humble life as a farmer and began selling yams in the dangerous slumbert county when he was murdered by the IDM. Goomba Gangbangers this entire gang of goombas were 'smoked' out when police used Wario's rear to blast a flatuent blast that crushed or poisoned the goombasthey smelt so bad their bodies were never retreived.

Thank you for watching the night show with David Letterkoopa is up next!