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Welcome to the Raw Data page! This is where some of the most secretive stuff I had used has been revealed here just about today ever since the wiki was slow during the time. ;o I guess, back last year... I'm decided to list down this special list for three reasons: One, I can't handle all of this myself; all of that writing into the articles. In this world, it gets pretty tiring if you don't rest once in a while. Two, I would like users like you to use the links to try updating this once young but growing wiki. And finally, three, I also would like to encourage users to put links in this page for the related Mario goods and stuff so everything can be set properly! :3 If you want your entry to be here, you will be credited for submitting it under my decision. ;p

If you have any questions, suggestions, anything all favorable messages, constructive criticism or whatever, please go to the talk page. The sub-section's talk page to be precise. ;o

This page is updated on Saturday, 2/1/2009.


  • ReplacementDocs
    Man, I posted this link back in that main talk page a few weeks ago! It's in the archives nao. XP This shall come in handy... why? It has most of the old retro game manuals you surely lose/sold/ETC,. It also has the manuals from different regions, tho I have no idea if there's a japanese manual there. That would ROCK, OUT, LOAD if there's one! :D You need to have a PDF reader if you want to look over these manuals; otherwise, sorry!
  • SPRITES: MFGG, The Shy Guy Kingdom, and Spriters-Resource
    Sprites, sprites, SPRITES! It can be one of the greatest experiences, or the worst experiences once you get in one of the three websites. Basically, those lil'places of goods can be useful for the wiki. ...Most or some, just be aware that we: Do not accept largely unaltered sprite sheets, and custom sprites! And be sure that sprite is cropped and must be saved in PNG format! If you follow these correctly, you're good. :)
  • YouTube
    ...YOUTUBE?! Wha-wha-what?!?! Why are you questioning this you fiercly asked?! Unlike some of the other resources I seen, this one is more video-based; you catching my words there? OK then. This is a very good resource because you can use it to find a stock full of goods for writing info into articles just by watching them a bit. ...For instance, some of the videos I seen like NSMB contains two distinct beta levels which I was caught on at that time. Or, the Mario Party 8 music that a former user from this wiki had uploaded, or simply the walk-through of those levels of the Mario World. I like to point out a few things before proceeding: Fake stuff? Not allowed, this is such a rage of baloney that people just hack and modify it so people believe it's real. Also, do not post videos directly from YouTube in articles. That actually makes us look bad, just put a link as an option! ;o And most importantly, no fan-made stuff. Pass these things, add the info and your there for the gold. :3



  • RPGClassics
    I haven't been using very much. I just browsed most of the pages n' wowed myself for all of that! Hopefully somebody intelligent should "translate" this in his/her own words. :3
  • (name yet TBA)1
    Man! St00by said that he had a very nice resource that I'd like to hear a couple of weeks back. After waiting a bit, my prize has been claimed... and then distributed in this page! :3 When you look at this page, it's more like looking inside the files from the website. Due to the fact the website is in the redesigning process, everything is cut out except the file addresses. :3


  • RPGClassics
    Same as the original PM. All the goods, images, blah blah blah and careful translation to be sent into the wiki. Heh... XP
  • (name yet TBA)1
    Same as above, but this is the PM2 folder. The main difference is, the characters you normally see during the game are disassembled pieces in the coding.


  • Nintendo Player's Guide: SMRPG
    Hey! There's a guide about that too? Say no more, this is considerably a good guidebook, showing you around the depths of the game using images. Including some of the rarest images I ever uploaded! Note: This guidebook may contain errors! Read at your own risk! ...Or, you can take the safe bet and read
  • the list of mistakes the guidebook has. ;o Moar easier now that you should know those mistakes.


  • (name yet TBA)1
    Same as PM2, it's just the SPM folder; that's all. Even though it says PM3. XP


  • GamePressure GameAds
    Lots and lots, and lots of videos ranging from the retro and funny (NES to N64 or GameCube) to the less goofy side of TV advertising. The Wii commercials duh. The promotional references (used to be named Advertisement Sightings) needs this one! I updated that list last summer once more. I'm pretty tired of updating it myself sadly. And the piles of useless space in the articles are slowly building up... :<

1 Credits to Stooben Rooben, the kewl crat' for sending me those links that I can't normally find. XD