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I am Shea McCormick, known as Spidey or Spidey665 here. I was born on November 28, 1993 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

When I was nine years old, I went to a thrift shop. I found a ukulele. I broke the strings on it because I wanted it so bad. I made my mother buy it. I then learned how to play "Hey Jude" by the Beatles on the ukulele, then I learnt a few other songs. I then found a piano at my mother's workplace. I was begging for it so bad that they decided to give it to me for FREE! I learned many songs on it, simple songs like Für Elise, Ode to Joy. I started to take piano lessons, and shortly after, ukulele lessons. I then found a very decent acoustic guitar in my father's house. He said I could have it. Having skill at the ukulele, I picked up guitar rather quick. I got some percussion instruments when I had turned ten. I covered "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen (and ever since then, I've been a die-hard Queen fan). I had became a drummer and percussionist. I also joined a church choir, singing all choral music such as Magnificats and Nunc Dimittises. I sang the William Byrd's "Laetentur Coeli" soprano solo at age 10. One year later, my parents bought me an electric guitar when I turned eleven. I also got an electric ukulele. I then started having music classes at school, and our first song was Neil Young's "Heart of Gold" for a music performance. I played guitar, bass, harmonica and sang. At that performance, the audience wooed me before I even put my mouth on the harmonica. I then became rather famous 'round the city o' Halifax, so I started to perform. I performed the HMCS Preserver for a crowd of 300 sailors. That was my first gig alone. When people saw my face at the store, they'd be like: "Oh, remember that guy who sang the solo with the choir?" or "Remember the guy who is so good at that harmonica, nailing that part?".