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Advice Corner (advice from other users for my Wiki edits and from myself, for remembrance only) (I'll take it into consideration for editing). This is used for me to improve myself. This is just for me to take.

From Hypnotoad (in chat): "follow the rules and don't shit your pants if you're given a warning";"it might be best if you don't even try" From 3D Player 2004 (in chat): "don't make unconstructive edits."

Advice for me to use when adding trivia:

From Hypnotoad (in chat): "useful and interesting trivia";"not a landfill for literally every simple fact";"or shit that no one even cares about";"yeah it would be really great if you stopped talking about your fetishes and posting them everywhere".

From myself: Don't make Peach ponytail or hairstyle trivia a big deal. It is only good for nothing but her page.

From myself: Don't make trivia points about events that happen for the first time and return for a second time (Paper Mario and Super Mario Galaxy).