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Mini DK Originally sold for 20 coins. Stopped selling due to probable impopularity. MiniDKtoy.png

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Hello, User:Lost Mini Star09

The Super Lost Mini Star09 Wiki sure is a great place, huh? Our favorite lost star strives to have the most comprehensive articles and best resources available about her. This is done by having a lost star for our company's mascot and a supportive sister (not anymore). Yor edits are NOT ON seem to be on Star-based pages , [[Luma (species)|Lumas are cute!!!!! . While we understand how important it is to become known in the community, the wiki as a whole would benefit more from edits on mainspace pages (articles, categories, templates, etc).If you are unsure as to how you can help in the mainspace, you could:

  • Try to expand an article on our stub list.
  • Click "Random page" in the navigation box to the left. Maybe you'll happen upon a problem no one else has found!

Please don't take this as a discouragement from enjoying the community. The wiki is, first and foremost, for mainspace edits related to Mario. However, we do have other community geared channels, such as:

Together, we can make the Super Lost Mini Star09 Wiki a fun and starry place for all. Thank you, and keep contributing!