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I figured it was about time I got around to doing this. I don't know any HTML coding so you'll just have to read my wall-o'-text to learn anything. Now that thats out of the way I want to start this off with something just to get it off my chest. I HATE SAVATO!!!

Alright as you can see from my userbox I like the SNES. My favorite games are Final Fantasy VI and Super Mario RPG. I also love my N64 with Jet Force Gemeni and Perfect Dark being my favorite games. I also like my GBA although I don't have very many games worth playing. My favorite game for my DS is Trama Center(I don't own it but I've played my friend's copy *glances at a Monty Mole*)and Metroid Prime: Hunters.

I can program C++ along with hex editing and other things. I like typing a random string of 0's and 1's and saying it means something. My favorite site is GAMEFAQs and if you see Psyc0h guess who it is. >.> I'm also skilled with Adobe's Photoshop and GIMP.

I'm learning some HTML. Look what I can do! This one is hard to do. If anyone wants to know how to do this just drop me a line in my discussion page. Its not that confusing though. I wonder does anyone else know how to do this? Hm... I dunno.

Highlight the above area!!!

List of things I'm waiting for:

  1. Wii Forcast Channel
  2. Wii News Channel
  3. Wii Opera Browser
  4. December 25
  5. Feb 6
  6. SMRPG on the Virtual Console
  7. Someone to teach me html

This is a Shout Out to anyone I know. PEACE!!!

Mario you phail.gifI laughed at this.

Psycoh's Userbox Tower
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