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hi im mackenzie and i made a charector hope somebody will see it her name is princess blossom, i can make a bio so check it outSSBB-Peach Luigi Taunt.jpg

PRINCESS BLOSSOM: princess blossom is the princess of the kingdom karesaland she got lost by getting captured by tatanga princess daisys capturer and she fell out of tatangas ship and ended up in the mushroom kingdom

RELATIONSHIPS: she is princess daisys little sister she is alot like her.

dresses and appearance:she wears a blue and yellow dress just like daisy and has a flower brooch just like daisy but with a star in the middle, wears jewlery,has medium long brown hair with a part like rosalinas, but has brown eyes.

acts like:she is a tomboy but little bit girly she is strong but sweet looks alot like daisy and peach mixed together