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This is my page and my username is PrincessPeach65.My first nintendo system was the DS, then Gameboy Advanced,and Gamecube.My favorite game is Super Princess Peach for DS.My fave charecters are Peach and Daisy.I am a big fan of Avril Lavigne,Vanessa Hudgens,Ashley Tisdale,Jordin Sparks,and other Disney peoples.I like all Disney TV shows.I like collecting Beanie babies and I use to collect pokemon cards.I would like to get a Wii someday.I am 9 years old,in September 17, 2008 I will turn 10 and be in fourth grade.My fave subject in school is math.I have four sisters a mom and a dad and an annoying,stinky,swety twentytwo year old brother.I like to draw Daisy and Peach.I live in Virginia and go to Forestville Elementary School.I am a girl in the third grade