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Konichiwa! I am Poshi, I'm the huge fan of Mario. My real name is Jenny Ngo, but my newer full name is Pink Yoshi Dragon!

My Favorite Character!

Long time ago, I was a little girl who first met a Pikachu, the Pokémon who became my favorite character. Years and months passed, others like Bubbles (from The Powerpuff Girls), Kirby (from his own series with others), Kacheek (from Neopets) and even Stitch (from the Lilo & Stitch franchise) became my favorites; each has time changing them for others until...

One man who came up to my world (along with his brother, Luigi, Yoshi, Banjo (along with Kazooie) Chocobo and even Philip J. Fry from Futurama) has stumbled upon our land, found me while thinking about him and reminds me as his biggest fan. I realized that he's my NEW FAVORITE CHARACTER!!! And the mustachioed plumber, known as Mario, finally became my newest friend in my world!

Best Friends

Since I was young, I have few friends. There are Stephanie, Sheridan, Rachael, Naomi and even Harry. This time, I had a new friend named Christopher Stafford, who's nice to me. While we were on a bus, I tell him to go crazy when he's playing his Playstation Portable. In the Marioverse, Mario and I are best friends. We play with each other, explore the Mushroom Kingdom, defeat Bowser and his minions and rescue the beautiful Princess Peach.

Yoshi in Super Mario Galaxy!!!

I heard there's a Super Mario Fan talking to me and PinkYoshiDragon. It’s possible to play as Yoshi in Super Mario Galaxy everything you have to do is to play as Mario and Luigi through the whole game. After that you need to go to Good Egg Galaxy and collect where 200 coins. When you are done, a pipe will appear on the giant egg planet. Jump into the pipe and you will meet Yoshi inside there. He is going to give you fifty 1-UPs and you will be able to play with him from now on.

Mario's cuteness

My favorite character's color is pink, like me, because I'm a Yoshi. Yoshis are cute, but able to play with me. Here's a fact, in my first flash movie, a Mario thinks he has pink stuff, like magenta clothes and sky-blue overalls. It falls in love with Mario, a normal version of him, who sees a pink Mario! His other self hugs him with love and cuteness while he's resting or hanging out sometimes...