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Mario Maker Ideas


  1. Begin with trying to outrun Thwomps while short-hopping over a Goomba and doing a groundpound to prevent sliding on ice off a cliff.
  2. Wall jump between two walls that have Fire-Bars.
  3. Run on conveyor belts moving in opposite directions while avoiding cannons. A ceiling prevents Mario from jumping over the obstacles entirely. (Checkmark at the end)
  4. Jump on 3 Dry Bones over spikes to get a key, then jump back to unlock the door next to you.
  5. Use an ice path to slide under obstacles without sliding too far.
  6. Get around an indoor section full of Chainchomps. (Checkmark)
  7. Use Yoshi and Fire Mario to defeat a Giant Bowser blocking your path. A small Chainchomp will occasionally try to bite you if you stay too far away from Bowser.

Cannon Run

Lakitu's Clouds containing cannons pointed upwards will follow Mario as he runs. The closer to the end, the more cannons arrive to increase the pressure. Time is limited, so Mario cannot simply stop for a few seconds to dodge the cannons.

Boss Rush

A level consisting of 5 bosses; each with additional traits to shake up the madness. Each stage has a key that the boss holds, needed to go to the next boss. The 3rd and 5th boss stage begins with a checkpoint before the battle begins.

  1. Mouser: Represented by a statue that needs to be destroyed by lobbing Bob-Ombs at it. The stage spawns Bob-Ombs frequently and the stage gets damaged by the bombs, making this effectively a timed boss fight.
  2. Boom Boom: Boom Boom, but he has minions on his head to protect himself from ground pounds.
  3. Petey Piranha: A Big Piranha Plant assisted by Fire Piranha Plants and Creeper Piranha Plants. Muchers function as a 'bottomless pit'. Mario must hit 3 Creeper Piranhas to acquire an item to defeat the Big Piranha.
  4. Bowser Jr. & the Koopalings: Various Koopas (large, small, dry bones, clown kart, car...) spawn to represent the 7 Koopalings. Mario needs to bounce off of them or throw their shells to damage Bowser Jr.
  5. Bowserzilla: A giant Bowser with various minions to protect him from Mario.

Rhythm Mario

Mario will need to use timing to get through specific obstacles. A checkpoint is available after 3 puzzles

  1. Bounce off of cannonballs (traveling at different speeds) when they intersect each other: not doing it correctly will result in falling on spikes.
  2. Bounce off Piranha Creepers multiple times to go down a hole
  3. While unable to move left or right; Mario must calculate when to jump over incoming minions who move at different speeds or in different ways
  4. Mario must wall jump between two walls at a specific time to avoid the obstacles
  5. Mario must dash, stop, dash, stop at a precise time to dodge fire bars
  6. Mario must collect red coins down a path and then return to the start while also using a coin block switch; meaning Mario needs to avoid collecting the block coins. The ceiling will allow hazards to fall if Mario messes up.
  7. Mario must trigger 3 Thwomps to hit 3 different Bowsers. Mario can only do this by dashing under Bowser when he jumps. The Thwomps fall off the stage when they attack; missing is not an option.

Waifu Fight

Mario has to fight 3 waifus at once (each with a key coin);

  • Chain Chomp (using a moving platform)
  • Boo (left side)
  • Bowser (right side)

After 1 Minute: Mario will be allowed a Super Star to win.

Resist Temptations

A level about avoiding what you would do naturally; stomp a Goomba, slide on a slope, get the powerup, get the 50 coin, ect...

Mario Kart

Race through an obstacle course. If any of the minions reach the finish line; they will trigger a button that drops Mario into lava. If Mario makes it to the end, Bowser's Axe is effectively the finish flag.


Mario flies over a massive battleship that is firing projectiles at Mario: with the front cannons firing Banzai Bills. If possible; Mario's 'plane' will be simulated as launching from an Aircraft Carrier and dropping Bob-Ombs from the sky.

Bowser is inside the Yamato's control room; protecting himself with a wall of cannons and Banzai Bills. Mario will need to use Yoshi or Bob-Ombs to attack Bowser.

Wario Treadmill

Custom Items

Gatling Gun

Have cannons rotating in a circle. To initiate delayed fire, the cannons will spawn at different times during a scrolling level.