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==Favorite Nentindo Characters == (And why I like them)

1. Petey Piranha (He's cute, weird and a great racer)

My Favorite Nentindo Character

2.Vivian (I just do)

3.Goombella (Funny)

4.Bowser Jr. (cute, good racer and Bowser's favorite child)

5.Yoshi (helpful, kind, makes funny noises and he's cute)

6.Mario (I think you know why)

7.Luigi (see above)

8.Bowser (funny, and weird)

9.Toad (very helpful)

10.Peach (smart)

==Least Favorite Nentindo Characters == (And why I dislike them)

1.Pianta Captain (A big meanie and self-centered)

2. Sir Godus (mean, cruel and deleted poor TEC's memory)

3. Lord Crump (mean, and anoying)