Harg! Kurblargle Hargle Plllbbttt!

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Real Name: U will never know!!
Age: 10
Gender: Unknown
Favorite Game: Mario Kart Double Dash
Least Favorite Game: Super Paper Mario
State: Pennsylvania

Harg! Kurblargle Hargle Plllbbttt!!!!!

(Welcome to my page. Here I will show what I think of mario games,characters,places,etc. Enjoy.) Sorry Sometimes a stupid ad comes up in the middle of my page.

Mario Games I own.

NSMBW Mario Solo Artwork.png

Game: Mario Kart Double Dash Mk doubledash.jpg

Well I think this is the best Mario Game Nintendo made yet. It has many things that make the experience of playing so good:

1. You can have TWO riders a kart.

2. Over 15 racers

3. Awesome Courses

If you don't have this game but you have a Gamecube or Wii, GET IT. You will need to buy a GC controler if you don't have one. Hours of Fun are GARRENTEED with this game.

Game: Mario Kart 64 MK64 Cover.png

Well this is an ok game. It has no unlockable players but the courses are amazing. It even has the longest track in Mario Kart in it: N64 Rainbow Road which is 2,000 meters long. The music is great. Some tracks music will have you humming it all day! I accully downloaded it as a Virtual Console game from the Wii Shop Channel and I am glad I did because it is ALOT of fun. (Not as good as Double Dash though)

Game: Under Construction
Game: Under Construction
Game: Under Construction
Game: Under Construction

Game ideas: Well if I could make some Mario Games here is what I would make:

Super Petey Piranha

Plot: Everyone in the mushroom kingdom dissapears and Petey Piranha Goes to find them.

Final Boss: Morton Koopa SR (Bowsers Father)

System: wii


Playable: Petey Piranha, King Boo, Wiggler, Queen Boo.

Mario and Luigi: The Return

The Shroobs go to invade the Mushroom Kingdom Again but, so do Cackletta and Fawful. After Some arguing they Dicide to join forces.

Final Boss: Cackletta, Fawful, Princess Shroob and Elder Princess Shroob.

System: DS

Players: 1

Playable: Suprise

New Super Mario Bros 2: Legend of the 9 Golden Mushrooms

Bowser discovers of the golden mushrooms hidden in peach's castle so him and his children steal them.

System: 3DS

Players: 4

Playable: Mario Luigi Peach Toad

Super Smash Bros Elite

The Ultimite fight is in the palm of you hand.

System: 3DS

Players: 4

Playable: ALOT of characters