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Username: PeteyPiranha101

True Name: Calder Brown

Favourite Mario Character(s):

-Petey Piranha
-King Boo
-Iggy Koopa

Favourite Mario game: "Super Mario Sunshine" (at the moment ;))

My love of the Mario series has.... outgrown.
I can name more than 50 Mario characters, most of which are not in the RPGs (I don't play the RPGs)
My favourite boss fight in Super Mario Sunshine is the 2nd Petey battle that takes place in the Village of Bianco.I don't EVER plan to watch the Super Show, seeing how all my friends say it sucks.

I am writing a Mario comic on a site called Deviantart. you can read it on my file there, "Darkrai-risen". I am extremely artistic, and I am going to the best Art school in the city of Peterborough, Ontario. My artwork can also be viewed from my file there.

Most hated Mario characters:

-Chauncey the baby
-Baby Mario
-Baby Luigi