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Hello and welcome to my page, if you're reading this you must want to know about me, so I'll start with my real name is Shannon. I'm 13 years old and I love the Mario games! I haven't played all too many, but I'm working on collecting them, and I've been researching all over the internet for information so I can learn more about it! I absolutely love Princess Peach! She is my favourite character and I love her. Other things about me excluding anything Mario related is I really like pastries and bakery like sweets. I have a wide variety of music I like, I like pretty much everything besides country and rap, but I suppose there are a few decent songs in those genres. But mostly I like everything else. But I especially like foreign music.

I don't really like where I live very much, to much fast food and not enough beauty. My dream is to move away from this place, and live in Britain. I would love to visit Japan sometime too, I am taking language classes outside of school.

Some of my main hobbies are Belly-dancing (A type of Middle Eastern dance), playing the flute, and currently I'm taking Japanese lessons at the Japanese Society of Fort Worth. I hope that I can learn to be a good cook and learn the piccolo. I would like to become a clothes designer, it would be so much fun! I would love to learn the skill more than anything. Then I could cosplay characters that are hard to find nice costumes on. If not that carrer, my mind has been set on being a perfect housewife. It just seems like such a peaceful life style, and it would keep me going.

I'm not in high school yet, so school is pretty dull to me. Though I do try hard to get things done and make decent grades, I know how important it is in order to be successful. I hope one day I will be able to attend private school. But somehow it doesn't seems to be very likely. But it would make me so happy.

I really enjoy shops like Bath and Body Works and clothing stores that sell posh and lolita types of clothing. Sadly it's hard to find stores like that here that's probably why I don't have that much clothing that I truly enjoy. But I do have some. I love body supplies, bath soaps. Hygiene means a lot to me, I just love how it makes my skin so healthy and soft. I love perfume too, thought I don't have much of it. I have an actual perfume right now called Butterfly Flower. It's like a fruity floral scent, I love it so much!

I have a few animes and manga's that I like, probably not as many as other people. But it's a big obsession in my life. My top favorites are Yu-Gi-Oh and Inu-Yasha. Of course I like the un-edited version of Yu-Gi-Oh, it bothers me so much how they turned into a show for children! Anyway, I also like Loveless, Gravitation and Elfen Lied as well. But they aren't my main favorites.

Well, I can't think of much more to say right now, so that's pretty much a summarized description of myself! I hope we can get along and become friends (Unless you're already my friend). I'm open to making friends with anyone but I'm not the type to just accept anyone as my friend. Talk to me for a while, tell me about yourself and I'm sure we will get along.

Of course I'm just a user on here, I have a GaiaOnline account called CreamPeach Rose and a Myspace, but I don't like it much. Call me Peach, or Muffin