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Hello i am Ninja_Lucario (aka Dracula_Marth from and Magna 17 at Gamepedia (the abandoned game wiki with too much spam))

Games i Have Nintendo 64: Super Mario 64 Namco Museum 64 Banjo-Kazooie A Bug's life Mario Party 2 Pokemon Puzzle League Pokemon Stadium Hey You Pikachu Spiderman Robotron 64 Ready 2 Rumble Rally Challegnge 2000 Twisted Edge Extreme Snowboarding Mario Kart 64 Super Smash Bros. Banjo-Tooie Blast Corps. Mischief Makers Kirby 64

Game Boy Wario Blast

Game Boy olor THPS SPPS (Shaun Palmer pro snowboarder) PR:TF (power rangers: time force) Pokemon Crystal

Gamecube (incomplete) SMS SSBM ToS (Tales of Symphonia. the single greatest game ever) SCII (Soul Calibur 2 w/ Link) MK:DD Harvest Moon: a wonderful life (technically my sister plays this one but it's still considered mine) All star baseball 2003 Mario Superstar Baseball SA2B (sonic adventure 2 battle) Sonic Mega Collection Sonic Heroes Sonic Gems Collection Shadow the Hedgehog Pikmin Luigi's Mansion Chibi-Robo Custom Robo Kirby Air Ride Ty the Tasmanian Tiger Pokemon Channel LoZ:TWW

DS SM64DS Pokemon Diamond (no, i don't know my friend code, i don't even have a wireless router.) Brain Age MKDS Final Fantasy III Yoshi Touch and Go Polarium