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Quick bit about me, if anyone cares. I'm 25, Male, Canadian and Married. I grew up with an NES, and owned a SNES in high school, played PlayStation and N64 at friends houses 'cuz i never owned either back then. I've loved Mario since Super Mario Bros. I remember my dad could always get farther than me, he used to call bowser the 'Dragons' back then, interestingly the box for the NES advantage calls him the same thing. Since i was 19 I've been seriously collecting video games, my first goal was all Mario games but branching into other systems and franchises has slowed that original goal down. Looking to expand my knowledge of the Mario universe attracted me to this site. But when i got here i found inconsistency and a lack of info in certain areas that I did not like, that is why I decided to stat becoming a contributing member. I may not be able to keep that up for long (work) but i will try to contribute any of my knowledge 'spesh as my collection and knowledge of the portly plumber and his world grows. Thanks for listening.

If your interested you can look at my game collection @ IGN: