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NaughtyPigMario across NIWA
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Hi I am NaughtyPigMario from Hong Kong (HK) 🇭🇰. I am an editor of SmashWiki and I was formerly #1 on the SSB World community leaderboard.

Age= 17 Body = FAT 🐷 Current schoolife = Form 4 Current game = Smash Remix on Android emulator Current friends = 🐶 🐦

Good Achievements

  • Secretly Grade 8 piano🎹, but has since stopped due to academic problems.
  • OK with Falcon in 64.

Bad Achievements

  • Repeated in Form 3 due to bad academic performances
  • Has never played a smash game on and console, never really play video game ever since I got into college.


  • First, get a switch.
  • Second, play Smash Ultimate on it.
  • Third, frendlies with other people.
  • Lastly, get Top 32 at a major smash tournament and become a top player.


  • I am a Pig and know three other guys being recognize as Dog, Monkey and Bird.

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