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== Mr.Nintendo ==

Lets a Go!- Mario, Super Mario 64

About Me: My name is Mr.Nintendo(as far as you know). I live in Bleep,Kentucky. My favorite food is cheese pizza! I AM A VEGETARIAN. I own many Nintendo games, especially SMB.If you need assistance feel free to ask me, because I am the magical all knowing Mario Wizard, or go to IGN. They also have wizards. I HAVE AWESOMENESS!!! If you have questions about me or even Mario, message me any time on my talk page.

Favorite Characters: Just like any Mario fan I have my favorite SMB characters. Oh, and if you can guess #1, don't bother reading this: Mario(duh) Luigi (I want his mansion) Fawful(I have FURY as well) Toad (Where did he get that cap?) R.O.B (Beep, lazer vision, Boop) Bowser(Roar! How was that?) Wario (SUPER FART! Yoshi (He deserves his own original archenemy) Dry Bones (WHY? CANT? I? KILL? HIM?????) 9-Volt ( near Mario master)