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Welcome to me!

Hi! I'm 13 and you can call me Moondust! :) I look a lot like Peach and Daisy. To make sure NONE of you guys find out my now, I'm posting my 'real name' as Lola Balogna. XD

I love Luigi, King Boo, Waluigi, Rosalina, Daisy, Boos, Yoshi, Kamek, Wario, Dixie, and Mona! You might know me batter as GaleofDarknessgirl at! I'm so insane, I think Luigi and King Boo could make a hot couple. -_-|||

People I own

Now, I don't Nintendo. If you thought I did; YOU ARE DUMB. No offense. But I have invented a few charaters.

Kelly- King Boo's hot-rod emo sister. She has long raven black hair with pink beads in her hair. She has glowing red human eyes, but she's still a Boo. Her motto is "Get liqoured up, and SHOOT ANYTHING THAT MOVES! Preferingly Daisy!" Daisy has wronged her before, which may be the biggest mistake of her life.

Seria- Waluigi's girlfriend. She is a friend of Mona and now of Waluigi. There attraction is physical, but it gets to be true love after their first date.