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Matter Smasher
Matter Smasher hidden In The Shadows.png.
Species Unknown. Possible mechanical.
Galaxy Matter Smasher's Galactic Colosseum,The Universal Center
Level(s) The Most Deadliest Fights
,The Universal Implosion
World World 8
Star Given Smg2 icon grandstar.png
“Bloody Stone Cyclone Galaxy!"

User: Matter Smasher

Uh......'ello. I have to alias's. Me, and Matter Smasher. Matter Smasher is my Super Mario Galaxy 3 main bad guy, kind of. Oh, that's right, I am currently making a fake game with a working title, simply called Super Mario Galaxy 3. Don't know what else to put....oh, I am a newbie. For now. I know absolutely nothing. Also, I have no idea how to remove the |'s at the end of the userboxes.

Top ten favorite Mario characters.

I will say their name and a reason why they are on the list and why they are at that number.

10: Mario (Face it, dudes the main character. That's why he is only number 10.)

9: Bouldergeist (He is a rock ghost. What's else is that cool?)

8: Bowser Jr. (I really liked Shadow Mario. That is the only reason why he is on this list.)

7: Fawful (Who doesn't like him?)

6: Boo (I always liked him.)

5: Bowser ( I always like the bad dudes, and over the years, I sort of feel sorry for him.)

4: Count Bleck (When I first saw him, I was like "Cool.")

3: Luigi (That's right! He is definitely better than Mario.)

2: King Boo (I loved him in Luigi's Mansion and Super Mario Sunshine.)

1: Dimentio (He, is no doubt the best villain ever.)

Games that need to be made.

Not Done

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{| That is all...for now!