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277px-Toadette New Super Mario Bros U(beta).png

Name: heart200906
Current Age: Forever 24
Favorite Mario Game: Mario Kart (series)
Favorite Mario Character(s): Toadette
Second Most Favourite Mario Character: Daisy
Favourite Video Game Series: Super Mario
Favorite language: Chinese, Japanese(Be a little)
The most annoying language: English

Mariowikijp has been a user of Super Mario Wiki since 2011.

Mario Super Sluggers in recent years after the sale Toadette never stage such as Mario Party 9 ,next month E3 2012 press conference if he did not debut with Toad even think about debut.

The role will also debut in 2013 after, The message of these two games expectations.

May be the debut of the game:(Japanese translation)

Mario Party 10(Wii U)(2015)
Mario Tennis U (Wii U) (2015)-NEW GAME-(隠しキャラクター登場)