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I am Mariostar6 I am known as a Mario clone that has the ability to keep my invincibility for as long as I want hence my name so respect the super star ok as you can never have to much star power like me. actually in real life I am a gamer a Mario expert, Nintendo expert, and more. because I am an expert I know a lot and can help with games questions including some Mario theories I create.

great ape war

there was a war between kongs and kremlings it has happened but never directly spoken of however we know it happened this is a theory on the war.

the Kong's and kremlin's have been rivals for a long time. but how? well it is the war it could have started with dk island being 

k rool's home until the kongs came which had caused trouble. with both so then the war started somewhere in the war the manky kongs were members of the primate alliance. until time became tough and the kongs did not want to lose so they switched sides and then the war ended with the kongs winning making dk island the kongs island. remember this is what I think happened.