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History of Mariorocks10

Hello, I'm Mariorocks10, I'm trying to help out this wiki, I'm glad I'm editing this wiki a little bit better, because I was having trouble editing.

My YouTube Videos

To UltraMario3000...

I want to say to UltraMario3000 sorry for making you angry.

About me.

I'm all about Mario GIFs. I joined this wiki February 12th, 2011. I like to play on the NES emulator FCEUX and play Mario ROMS, I'm a TAS and non-TAS speedrunner.

Here is my favorite and helpful GIFs

Smb floor.gif Smb toad.gif Smb walljump2.gif SMB Flagpole Glitch.gif Smb vinewrap.gif

My most favorite character

Q: Who is it?

A: MALLEO (Mario)!

My Favorite Pages

Super Mario Bros./Glitches

Super Mario Bros. 3/Glitches

My Favorite Mario video games

Super Mario Bros. - File:Mario walk smb.gif Its a me, Mario!

Super Mario Bros. 3

Super Mario Bros. Glitches on emulator

Flagpole Glitch

SMB Flagpole Glitch.gif

When Mario's foot goes through a little of the block with the pole on top of it, he must go 'left+right+a' OR 'left+a' at the same time, then it skips the flagpole animation, which saves time.

This glitch was discovered by klmz from at 2007.

Mariorocks10: I did this glitch before.