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Well uh hi guys. so im marioman999. I joined recently, im male and im 10. but lets cut to the point here

== Contributions Ive Made to The Mario Wiki

I made Ice Snake Block under a different username but didnt add the picture and made a major change to Astro Goomba and minor changes to Beach Bowl Galaxy and Purple Coin. Thats it.

My Fav Mario Enemies

File:3-A NSMB.jpg Prickly Piranha Plant.png Galaxy Tweester.jpg File:Angry Sunmkwii.PNG

Skeeters rock! They just do. It looks so cool! Sometimes Tweesters are helpful. My brother hates them so, yeah, the Angry Sun

File:Mario Firebro.jpg                  File:LM BLUE TWIRLER.jpg

Hammer Bros. breathing fire! sweet! I like the Blue Twirlers attacks. And I know this is random but could someone tell me how to make a userbox tower?

File:Moneybags.jpg File:Snailicorn.JPG

So many items from him! I mean, what is it really!