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      Hello Mario fans! It's (a) me Mariodsi! 

First I want to tell you how became a huge fanatic of Mario. It all started when I was four years old and I went on random Saturdays to visit my cousin and she had Mario Party games 4-6.I always played them. Soon I started playing more and more Mario games from some old some modern.

      I want to tell you the mario games I own.

1.Mario Party Series 4-7

2. New Super Mario Bros.

3. Super Mario 64 DS 4. Mario VS Donkey Kong 2 March Of The Minis. 5. Mario Kart DS 6. Super Smash Bros.Melee 7. Super Mario Sunshine 8. Super Mario Galaxy 9. Mario and (Sonic) At The Olimpic Games 10. Mario Kart Wii 11. Super Smash Bros.Brawl 12. Super Mario Advance (Difficult)

  • Mario Games Downloaded On Wii*

13. Dr.Mario Online RX (WiiWare) 14. Super Mario Bros. (Virtual Consol) 15. Mario Bros.(Virtual Consol) 16. Donkey Kong (Virtual Consol) 17. Super Mario Bros.3 (Virtual consol)

  • Mario Games Downloaded On DSI

18. Dr.Mario Express 19. Mario Clock (Just a Minigame) 20. Mario Caculator (Not a game) 21. Wario Ware Snapped! 22. Thats all mario games I think I have. Wahoo! Oops forgot ^ Mario Super Sluggers, 25.Wario Land Shake It, and 24.Mario Power Tennis!

      Nintendo Games I Have! Let's (a) see.

1. Animal Crossing City Folk (I hope I can play Wifi with someone.) 2. Wii Sports 3. Kirby's Adventure (Virtual Consol) 4. Wii Play 5. Wii Fit 6. Animal Crossing Caulator (DSIWare) 7. Animal Crossing Clock (DSIWare)

      I joined on July 30,2009 the day I started Fith Grade.I am ten years old boy.
      Looks like the next Mario games won't release in the U.S. for a while.

(Long while)I think this website is awesome. A lot of imformation about the awesome guy named Mario and his games (Mario Knowledge). The people who hate Mario should be ashamed!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you know how I got my username I like Mario and my DSI so I thought how about Mariodsi. I could have called my self Mariowii,but I decided not to. Whoever thinks (Sonic The Hedgehog)or another game mascot is better than Mario they are wrong.(Really Wrong)

It's time for some knowledge!!Did you know Mario creator Shigeru Miaymoto's favorite game mascot is Pac Man? Did you know Pac Man's name was oringinally going to be Puck Man? I'm not kidding. I'm giving you facts here.Did you know people can watch television on their DS? They don't have to hack.Did you know my person in Animal Crossing City Folk dresses up as Mario mostly all the time? Did you know my ninth halloween I dressed up as Mario.Did you know Mario Last name is Mario?

     Thank you very much for playing my game!said Mario
     Thank you very much for reading!said Mariodsi

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