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A Buttons: NES: A Button GB: A Button GBc: A Button SNES: A Button N64: A Button GBA: A Button NGC: A Button DS: A Button WII: A Button/Classic Controller a Button 3DS: A Button WII U: A Button NS: A Button

B Buttons: NES: B Button GB: B Button GBc: B Button SNES: B Button N64: B Button GBA: B Button NGC: B Button DS: B Button WII: B Button/Classic Controller b Button 3DS: B Button WII U: B Button NS: B Button

Start/Plus (+) Buttons NES: Start Button GB: Start Button GBC: Start Button SNES: Start Button N64: START Button GBA/DS: Start Button NGC: START/PAUSE Button WII: Plus Button 3DS: Start Button WII U: Plus Button NS: Plus Button

Select/Minus (-) Buttons: NES: Select Button GB: Select Button GBC: Select Button SNES: Select Button GBA/DS: Select Button WII: Minus Button 3DS: Select Button WII U: Minus Button NS: Minus Button

X/1 Buttons: SNES: X Button NGC: X Button DS: X Button WII: One Button/Classic Controller x Button 3DS: Select Button WII U: X Button NS: X Button

Y/2 Buttons: SNES: Y Button NGC: Y Button DS: Y Button WII: Classic Controller y Button/Classic Controller y Button 3DS: Select Button WII U: Y Button NS: Y Button

L+ZL+SL Buttons: NGC: L Button GBA: L Button DS: L Button WII: Classic Controller L Button/Classic Controller ZL Button 3DS: L Button WII U: L Button NS: L Button/ZL Button/SL Button

R+ZR+SR Buttons: NGC: R Button GBA: R Button DS: R Button WII: Classic Controller R Button/Classic Controller ZR Button 3DS: R Button WII U: R Button NS: R Button/ZR Button/SR Button

C Sticks/C Button: N64: Camera buttons/Camera up Button/Camera left Button/Camera down Button/Camera right Button NGC: Camera stick WII: Nunchuk C Button

Z Buttons: Z Button Nunchuk Z Button

D-Pads/Control Sticks: NES: +Control Pad GB: +Control Pad GBC: +Control Pad SNES: +Control Pad N64: +Control Pad/Control Stick GBA: +Control Pad NGC: +Control Pad/Control Stick DS: +Control Pad WII: +Control Pad/Nunchuk Control Stick 3DS: +Control Pad/Circle Pad WII U: +Control Pad/Left Stick/Right Stick NS: Left Button/Up Button/Right Button/Down Button/Left Stick/Right Stick