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hi, bienvinido/bem-vindo/welcome to my page!

I want To make this wiki ROCK!

I have a AMAZING project! Making this wiki in Many languages! lol 64

Mario e lupita.JPG

About my username: Teacher Lupita is a teacher from !Vivan los Niños! and i like her a lot so i decided to pair her with Mario.

Nooby News from me!

  • Day 29th of October
  • In this section everyday i will put nooby news about me!
  • A+ in the History Test n_n
  • OMG, I drank a bit of H2O2 (Oxygenated Water) and OMG what a no-good experience... cof cof yuck.Mario loves Teacher Lupita 21:06, 29 October 2008 (EDT)