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Mario Sports Superstars

        Hello, I am Mario Sports Superstars. My favorite game is Mario Sports Superstars and my favorite character is Mario. This user page I will talk about my team and a tier list that wil show you the best character in each event.

Tier List

The tier lists will tell who the best characters in every event are.


God: Metal Mario Bowser Mario Luigi

Top: DK Waluigi Pink Gold Peach Peach Wario Yoshi

Mid: Diddy Kong Daisy Bowser. Jr Rosalina

Low: Birdo Baby Luigi Baby Mario Boo


God: Mario Luigi Metal Mario

Top: Bowser Jr. Bowser DK

High: Wario Waluigi Rosalina Pink Gold Peach Yoshi

Mid: Peach Daisy Diddy Kong

Low: Birdo Boo

Bottom: Baby Mario Baby Luigi


God: Yoshi Luigi Mario Wario Waluigi

Top: Bowser Metal Mario Pink Gold Peach Rosalina Bowser Jr

Mid: DK Daisy Diddy Kong Peach Boo

Low: Baby Mario Birdo Baby Luigi


God: Luigi Yoshi Mario Pink Gold Peach

Top: Metal Mario Waluigi Wario Peach Bowser

Mid: Daisy DK Rosalina Bowser Jr Diddy Kong Baby Luigi Baby Mario

Low: Birdo

Boo Tier: Boo

Horse Racing

God: Daisy Mario Luigi Peach Yoshi Bowser

Top: Waluigi Wario DK Bowser Jr Rosalina

Mid: Pink Gold Peach Diddy Kong Boo Birdo

Bottom: Baby Mario Baby Luigi

Support Character Tier List


Goalie Boom Boom is better than Pom Pom

God: Shy Guys Yellow Shy Guys Spikes Stone Spikes Hammer Bros Boomerang Bros

Top: Goomba Bone Goomba Red Toads Blue Toads Koopa Troopas

Mid: Flying Squirrel Yellow Toad Penguin Blue Toad Red Koopa Troopas

Low: Magikoopas Yellow Magikoopas


God: Shy Guy Boom Boom Penguin Yellow Toad Penguin Blue Toad Hammer Bro Koopa Troopa Blue Shy Guy Yellow Shy Guy Green Shy Guy

Top: Yellow Magikoopa Magikoopa Flying Squirrel Blue Toad Flying Squirrel Yellow Toad Spike Stone Spike Fire Bro Boomerang Bro Red Toad Red Koopa Troopa

Mid: Yellow Toad Blue Toad Goomba Green Paratroopa Red Paratroopa Green Magikoopa Yellow Koopa Troopa

Low: Blue Koopa Troopa Green Toad Yellow Paratroopa Red Magikoopa Blue Paratroopa Pom Pom