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Names you can call me: Nate, MM, MarioManiac, M2
Real Name: Nate B.
Age: (almost) 11
Gender: I'm a dude.
Favorite Game: I don't really have a favorite game, but I do like NSMBW.
Favorite Character: Mario. If it wern't for this guy, this wiki wouldn't even exist!
Least Favorite Character: Yoshi. What is this creature? Is it a frog, dinosaur, dragon, chameleon, lizard, salamander, or what? I have no freaking idea. Also, he makes really annoying sounds.
Least Favorite Game: I don't really have one.
State: Ohio
What am I?: I'm mostly Scottish, Irish, and Native American.
Favorite Music: I like rock and roll. Well, my home state has the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!
Favorite Sport: I really like basketball. Slam dunks, 3-pointers, and other totally cool stuff!
Favorite Color: Green.