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"Well, whadaya know? A teeny-tiny Goomba. --Mario19, Super Mario Wiki

Mario19's Story

It's-a me, Mario19!

Now, about me: I love Super Mario, and I sometimes play Mario Party 5. We have Mario Party 8 for our Wii.

My favorite characters:

  • 1st Place: Mario--I love his red hat!
  • 2nd Place: Boo--His floating skills are cool.
  • 3rd Place: Wario--Didn't notice that he had a yellow hat.
  • 4th Place: Bowser--I beat him with Stars.

It's a good thing my old friend Walkazo has a spritesheet.

Of course he doesn't like Mario!!! He likes Mario stuff, but not Mario himself.

I daydream of the day there is a MNES(Mega Ninendo Entertainment System).

I have friends. They're not really 'friends', but they're nice to me. I met this guy named Yoshario. He is a Yoshi wearing Mario's hat.

I can even do the Luigi. Someone knows how to do the Luigi (I think).

Games I love to play:

  1. Mario Party DS
  2. Mario Party 5
  3. Mario Party 8
  4. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games

I am friends with Yoshario and Walkazo. Walkazo is my best buddy. He once blocked me, but he unblocked me another time. Now he's my best bud. Walkazo and I are REALLY best buds.

I dream of the night Walkazo starts beating up Bowser and protecting Mario.