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Normally, once an article becomes a Featured Article, it keeps its featured status, no matter how long it is since it was featured. However, it might come to a situation where a FA cannot maintain its high quality. Examples would include additions of poorly written sections, new requirements on the rules, etc. For this reason, there is the possibility to propose the Unfeaturing of a FA.

The process of unfeaturing is similar to the process of featuring an article. The only differences are the following:

  • Obviously, only imcunbent Featured Articles can be proposed to lose their FA status. Supporters vote for the loss of FA status, and opposers vote for keeping it featured.
  • Not only opposers, but supporters also need to give valid reasons for their vote. This is due to the fact that the nominator and its supporters are attempting to remove Featured status, and it must be justified.
  • Similarly, not only oppose votes, but also support votes can be removed if they are not well-reasoned enough. The agreement of five users, including a sysop, is needed to remove the votes.
  • In order to avoid keeping nomination pages alive even if the (featured) article is fine, those pages can be deleted if the proposer agrees. Otherwise, the nomination page will be deleted if not edited for over 30 days.

All the other rules (as long as there is at least one oppose vote, the proposal will not pass; after a week without opposers and with at least five supporters, the proposal passes; etc.) apply just as with the FA nomination process. Particularly, oppose votes should be regarded as a way to improve a FA further and thus to avoid the loss of FA status. Only in case there is nobody willing to realize the opposers' requests, a FA loses its status.

How to Unfeature a FA

In order to propose a FA for unfeaturing, please use the following edit field. Type in the exact title of the FA after the last slash, and hit the "Nominate" button. You will be taken to a preset page which you should edit according to the comments on the page.

FAs Nominated for Unfeaturing

<DPL> category=UA nomination pages namespace=MarioWiki ordermethod=lastedit order=descending addeditdate=true include={UANOMSTAT}:nominated, {UANOMSTAT}:passed format={| style="border-collapse:collapse" cellpadding=5 width=100% \n! Nominated to be Unfeatured !! Last Edited... !! First Nominated... !! Met Requirements for Unfeaturing On..., \n|- \n| %TITLE% \n| %DATE%,\n,|} secseparators=\n|,,\n| , </DPL>