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Hello! I am Marble Q, but you can just call me Marble. I'm new around here so I don't have much done yet but I hope to be a big help soon enough.

Marbleq's Userbox Tower
Yoshi and Birdo Artwork - Mario Party 7.png

Activities & Skills

I like to draw and I'm decent at it.
I'm certified in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Dreamweaver, and Adobe InDesign. I like to do graphic design work, especially when I get to lead the design choices, but I can work with someone else's ideas.
I'm an amateur music producer, mainly producing EDM and IDM but I dabble in many other genres. You can find my music at and you can find my musical doodles/sketches at

Super Mario Wiki Goals

-Help edit an article to featured status
-Join The Shroom
-Create an article that I'm proud of