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Here we, here we, here we go! *shot* The name's Mandew. Mandew's a frequent user of Mariowiki, using it as a reference for many things concerning the Mariouniverse. he joined Mariowiki on Nov. 20, 2007.


  • dorko4u
  • MoonMaster
  • Yoshio
  • Papero
  • TheUntamedLegend
  • MastaWario
  • Bobomb99
  • MasterGodzilla


Mandew is an active Roleplayer. He has about 20 characters, and most of them are from the Marioverse.


Mandew's group


Jumpman and Hammerman by training, he's mostly a 16-years guy that lives in the Mushroom Kingdom since long enough that he can't remember... He have some Fire and Earth powers, and is a cook by proffession.


Mandew's Sister, also Jumpman and Hammerman (or, should I say, Jumpwoman and Hammerwoman). She's 15-years old, and has powers on Water, Ice and Air, in contrast to his brother. She's Craftman by proffession.


A human that used to be Mandew and Lilley's friend back to when they were about 9 years old! She have the power to summon tools from a medaillon, and that's that... She's more specialized in eletricity.


  • Squarah, Mandew's pet Squig.
  • Squandré, Lilley's pet Squog.



Mandew's Jigglypuff, which he never uses for fights or anything. Knows Flamethrower, Thunderbolt, Rest and Body Slam for Pokémon League ruled matches (knows much more moves out of those battles) and has Cute Charm. Likes Spicy things, hates Sweet things and is a female.


Lilley's Gardevoir, which she never uses for fights or anything. Knows Psychic, Calm Mind, Shadow Ball and Shock Wave and has Trace. Likes Bitter things and hates dry things. Is a female.


Nay's Luxio, which she never uses for fights or anything. Knows Spark, Charge, Leer and Bite and has Rivalry. Likes Sour things and hates Sweet things. Is a male.


Short for "Anti-Dodge God-Modding Machine", or «Albert Dodongo-Gasper "Munchkin Machoke"», he is Mandew's Machoke, which he never uses for fights or anything. He knows Cross Chop, Focus Energy, Revenge and Dynamic Punch, and has No Guard. Likes Spicy things and hates Dry things.

The Bloran Bros

Bluratonio "Blue"

A blue yoshi that lives with his older brother, Orange, in the 'secret' Bloran Yards in Donut Plains. He and his brother are friends to Mandew and Lilley. This one can jump high, but is rather slow for a Yoshi. He's also very crafty, as he uses to invent weapons such as blasters. He's also immune to drowning in water.

Oranioto "Orange"

An orange yoshi that lives with his younger brother, Blue, in the 'secret' Bloran Yards in Donut Plains. He's very fast and agile, but can't jump very high for a Yoshi. This one is interested in culture. He reads a lot of books, and ponder many unsolvable questions to devlop his logic and common sense. He's known to be imune to burns, and can even swim in Lava.


A friend of Blue and Orange. Little is know about him (her?) at the momment, appart from his skin color.

Whacko's Gang (HaBaTeMaFlaRa Bros)

They are a group of Hammer Brothers, that have not much to do in life. They like to fight sometimes.

Whacko Hammah

This Hammer Bro is the leader of the gang. He have a great sense of leadership, and really know how to motivate the others when they're down.

Ranginer Bammah

This Boomerang Bro's quite a fitgher, and always want to pick a fitgh with someone, which sometimes can get him in trouble.

Warmo Tempera

This hot-blooded Fire Bro is easely provoqued.

Chilly Tempera

This Ice Bro always keep her cool, and take it easy.

Bonker Melletta

This social-minded Hammer Bro got quite a sensitive mind to people's problems, and tries to be helpful to everyone.

Spitty Flara

This top-shaped Fire Bro got this hobby to train to stay fit everyday. He enjoy competition, and is quite competitive.

Rooganb Ranger

This retarded Boomerang bro was lost in some forest back in the years. He managed to get out of it, of course, but strayed far from Whacko's gang for years! Now he's back in the gang, and is watched carefully... His retardness has absolutly no limit.

Gary Goomba and Karl Koopa

Gary Goomba

A goomba that, since he saw a Goomba holding a Baseball bat, wondered how it was possible. Today he got some Psysical powers, that he call PSI after the PSI in his favorite RPG, Earthbound.

Karl Koopa

A koopa that is interested in Gary because of the PSI powers. He observes Gary all the time, but is not too discret, so he gets spotted easely by Gary. He has his camera running to film Gary when anything happens. Gary usually let him follow, because he has not really the choice.



A Koopa Striker that attacks uniquely with Soccer moves. He can kick 6 types of shells: Soccer (infinite), Green (10), Red (3), Blue (3), Yellow (1) and Grey (3). But he can also tackle and those kind of things. He also have a fan crowd that follows him everywhere.

soccer4u's Fan Crowd

A crowd that follows soccer4u everywhere he goes to watch him fight or play alike, and become an Angry Crowd if he's losing (they're even the main part of soccer4u's limit breaker). They are about 500.

The Crowd Bros.

A gang of Koopas that dedicate their life to watching fights. They are about 5.