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What up my ninjas? You can call me Majora999 (or Shippleton, if you don't wanna get me confused with my OC, Majora who shows up in pretty much everything I write (Majora: Damn Straight.))and never expect to get my real name!! Few people know it, and that's just how I want it to be. I trust only 1 person with personal information, Walkazo. I don't know about her little bro, Pantaro Paratroopa, I've never had any contact with him.

I consider myself nuts. I apperently have "Aspergers Syndrome" and "Autism", a social problem and a learning disability respectively. But that's not why I'm nuts, I'm just plain wierd, one could say I'm terrifying. Among these problems I have anger issues, I'm a veeeeeeeeeeery big dude, with a veeeeeeeeeeery short fuse, bad combo, don't anger mua, not fun.

The remainder of this page is under construction for now. And be forewarned, it will probably contain foul language.