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you come up to a house to see a sign that says "SIHSOY EDISNI". you didn't hnow what that meant until you entered that building.


welcome to the yoshi house. the words on that sign you saw were painted backwards. it really said "YOSHIS INSIDE". come along, and meet our many yoshis. one of our blue yoshis likes to dress like Boshi, and the others think that's funny.

suddenly, you hear a strange "waah!" and "awawawawawa!" coming from somewhere. oh, the yoshis are just quarreling, you thought. but when you go up to Baby Yoshi's room, a trap door opens just as you enter. WOW, a lab!! you shouted. the noises were coming from two yoshis-a blue and a green. apparently, they fell. one of them, most likely the blue, scramed "waah!" when the trapdoor underneath him opened. the trapdoor was the case with the green one too, but instead he yelled "Awawawawawa!" as he fell. you heard them calling from the bottoms. before you could save them, you heard an ear splitting CRACK! coming from the egg in the middle. it had turquoise spots. guess what came out. a turquoise yoshi! the yoshis saved the green one, while you saved the blue. TO BE FINISHED LATER.