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hi! im new here,[obviously] and would like to be involved and make friends. <3 I LOVE anything that has to do with Luigi, and i would love it if someone could chat with me. i have 2 cats, a guinea pig and a rabbit (did i spell that correctly? XD) . I'm 11, and like to play Wii for several hours at a time S:p . i'm also a huge pokemon fan, and my favorite pokemon is i said before, LUIGI IS AWESOME! i will soon be giving out my Wii code and Mario cart wii code,so keep reading, and i will have it soon! Okay, my Mario Kart Wii code is: 1075 3485 3061 . my Wii adress is: 4682 4878 4737 3819 .christmas is coming pretty soon,or hanukah, or kwanza,or whatever you celebrate.has anybody heard about that new mario and luigi game yet? I cannot wait until its out in America! It looks awesome!I also hear that a new Luigi 's Mansion game is coming out for Wii-how cool is that? But,of course, Japan gets it first(so not fair).If anyone who is reading this LOVES the book and movie Twilight please comment,because I am absolutely ADDICTED.P.S-that is a MASSIVE UNDERSTATEMENT!!Ad Alert!If you have never been to a website that displays awesome artwork (and want to see one)then I would reccomend a website called "";it has the best photography,comics,and everything else.