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Hey guys! I'm Luigi79643. Read the rest of my userpage, or check out the 'boxes. (This page is under heavy construction)

About This User

I FOUND OUT about this wiki one day in 2010. I was on my Lite, playing New Super Mario Bros, but I couldn't find a Star Coin anywhere. So I looked up: "World 4-4 star coin new super mario bros" and a page from this wiki came up. I looked around, and found the star coin! I was so glad I began to rely on this wiki for more useful tips + tricks. But I never made an account until, well, sometime this year (2012). Then I lost the password, and created this account, and wrote on my userpage, and you are reading it, and thinking, "How boring". Anyway, I'm on Fantendo + YouTube, as well, known as LL93. (LightningLuigi93)Check it OUT. Bye bye!

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