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Hi. My name is Luigi (as you can tell). I like helping my bro out on his adventures, but occasionally I may do some of my own adventuring. I really hate ghosts. They scare me. I'm also not as brave as my brother, instead I'm more timid and shy. But once I get to know you, it's all cool. Other than exploring haunted mansions and helping Mario on his adventures, I play sports. I play golf, tennis, basketball, baseball, etc etc.

I live somewhere in the woods, in my mansion. Once, it was overrun with ghosts, and I had to save Mario from the mansion. The evil King Boo trapped him in a painting, but I defeated King Boo and saved Mario.

I have recently joined the Mario Wiki. I plan to make contributions, as big as new games just announced, to small things like spelling corrections, grammer etc.

My fav character.

Some things you should know:

  • I will always play as Luigi. Mario Kart, Smash bros., you name it. Well, unless I need to change to another character who has an advantage.
  • I haven't made any big contributions yet, but that is on my to do list for the Mario Wiki.
  • I can't promise I'll always be on the wiki, but if I am online, I'll most likely be fixing punctuation and grammar errors as I go along.
  • If you would like to be my friend on Steam, go to and add me. I usually play Team Fortress 2, but I may play GMOD or something else.

So yeah. Peace brah!


25pxNameLuigiMKAGP2.pngI'mma Luigi, number 1!