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"Ludwig Awesome Style!


--LVK (talk) 21:48, 16 May 2014 (

A super short self-introduce

Hi guys, I'm Ludwigisawesome. My real name is Won Seok Choi.(You think my name is weird? Actually, I'm a South Korean.XD) I'm a 13 Korean year old boy and a Mario addict.(Seriously, I play Mario Games like 5 hours a day.) And I'm not really good in English because English isn't my first language so if there's something wrong about the spelling and the grammar, please tell me whats wrong on the talk page. Thank you for reading this.

My studpid academies

Koreans go to a stupid place after school and even on weekends; academies. I go to Drum Academy on Monday and Thursday, Math Academy on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, Essay Writing Academy(I know, the idea of this is so dumb)on Wednesday ,Piano Academy on Wednesday and Basketball Academy on Sunday. The only day that I can rest is Friday.:(
And if there's no replies in the talk page, I might be sleeping, playing games, at academy, or at school.


I'm so excited about the MK8. But I can't buy it.I live in Korea.ㅠㅠ(Korean sad face emoticon) But still, I will just make a list about my top 6 nitro and retro tracks. And it's just my opinion dont be sad when your favorite tracks are not on this list

Nitro Tracks no.6 Mario Kart Stadium
I hate Toad Circuit, Wii Luigi Circuit, 8-Figure Circuit, and even the Luigi Circuit in GCN. They are all the 1st tracks in the Mushroom Cup. But this one is different. 1st, the music's awesome, 2nd, awesome layout and design, 3rd,It has all 2 things that should be in MK8.(Glider and Antigravity)But I think this track's a little hard.ㅠㅠ no.5 -Rainbow Road
Why doesnt anyone like this course? Still, I like it. I like the traditional 3 lap race, the design, and the small details. And this is the first time that ever featured a space station.(Is it?)
no.4 -Dolphin shoals
First, the music is amazing. The Saxomophones.(I watch the simpsons)The Layout. The design. Ohohohohohohohohohohoho ItS AMAZING
no.3 -Thwomp ruins
Before the 4th trailer, i thought this track is in the Special Cup. Still, I like the easy ones too, and now thwomps have their own course! congrats, guys!!!!! no.2 -Electrodrome
Ludwig's brothers's ads are in this course! two glider ramps! Ohohohohohohohohohohohohohohoho and the Techno Music!!!!!!
no.1-Bone Dry Dunes
I lived in Saudi Arabia for 3 years so I like Arabian stuffs. The course layout and the designs are amazing. The music's good too.

Retro Tracks

no.5 DS Tick Tock Clock
Tick Tock Clock was one of my least favorite course before the 3rd MK8 trailer. When I first saw this course, I thought this track's a Nitro one. This continued until 4/30, when the new trailer came out.
no.4 SNES Donut Plains 3
Super Mario Kart? I thought this game's courses would never return(coz MK7 used the rainbow road of this game). Now, my life changed.XD But they didn't add the anti gravity part, so, (sigh)
no.3 N64 Yoshi Valley
This track is my no.1 favorite in the MK64 game. And it returned! With a cannon, a cave, and a yoshi safari thingy!!!!
no.2 3DS Piranha Plant Slide
I was shocked to see this track in the 1st trailer because I hated it in MK7. Now, I see this as the best 3DS track. The design is great, the anti-gravity section is great, and I like sewer themed track.
no.1 Toad's turnpike
This track is amazing.(My opinion)Now, it's more amazing. The graphic, the anti-gravity part, the design,and the tiny details. And the cars even have a gliding section!!!!!
This is just a list of my favorite tracks. Bye

Imaginary Interview with Mr. Ludwig von Koopa

Wons(me)-Hello Mr. Ludwig
Mr. Ludwig-Hi
Wons-This is MWC(mario wiki channel). I came to interview you. would you answer some questions?
Ludwig-Ok DoK

Wons- How old are you?
Ludwig-I'm 24. I was the boss of the Pipe Maze when I was 0. I was defeated so easy back then, so I appeared in more games and nothing changed me.(sigh) And I went to the driving school. Now, me and my bros are X-cellent drivers. But my fighting skills DIDNT CHANGED!!!!#$@^@)$*%^!!!(Blast Fireballs)
Wons- Easy little guy, I'm 12(American Age). Here's your 2nd question. You will appear in MK8. Do you know that? How d'ya feel?
Ludwig- SUPERDUPERMUPERZUPER AWESOME!! That stupid little brat, bowser jr's not returning. So, it's a good thing. right?
Wons- Of course! But I like Bowser jr, he's cute!
Wons- What in the world is a Figgernat? anyways, next question! What powers do you have?
Ludwig- I knew you would say that. I can blast fireballs, do a flutter jump, can duplicate my body, shell slide, and blahblahblah!
Wons- What is that blah blah?
Ludwig- Oh! I can.........

3 days later
Wons-You know you are saying the same things over and over again. Do ya?
Wons-Whatevah, I'm outta here.

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