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Hello there, My name is Lucky Boo.

Obviously I am a fan of the mario series, I also love nintendo in general. I've played at least one game from each series, and know all information considered "canon."

The Mario Games I currently own are:

  • Super Mario Bros 2 (wiiware)
  • Paper Mario (wiiware)
  • Mario Party 7
  • Super Mario Sunshine (2nd copy)

Mario games I have previously owned(90% of these games were lost in a house fire):

  • Super Mario Sunshine (first copy)
  • Mario parties 4-6 (7 was saved)
  • Paper Mario 2

The one game I want to play badly but can't get yet is Super Paper Mario.

Character Information

Lucky Boo is a Reporter for the News Crew, a team that works to deliver Information around the entire world, with many employees. As a reporter, Lucky Boo has become the most famous, developing a movie star-like reputation.